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Monday, December 26, 2005

Mobile phones and the destruction of family life

Don't we all know this scene? A couple sitting in a restaurant or somewhere, but instead of talking to each other, they text friends? Or one of them is calling another friend, while the other looks bored out of the window? Are they addicted to mobile phones? Or just bored with each other?

We also have stories about the challenge that employees face with their e-mails. That there is no clear distinction between private and personal life anymore (also I believe that people are able to manage their time quite well, nevertheless).

Now, what is the connection between the two lines of descriptors up there? Of course - mobile phones invade the privacy of the homes and one of the partners at home gets mad with the interference. The story is that mobile phone don't necessarily heat up your brain cells but the temperature at home.

A research, according to a report in, showed that increased use in mobile phones brings job worries home, increasing stress in family life.

And at a later part of the article? "found that between the interview periods, the use of cell phones and pagers decreased family satisfaction and increased distress and negative work-to-family and family-to-work spillover." Okay - I understand. There are those with their phones constantly on, and constantly talking. But hey - there is the off button as well. There is also time management and the possibility to say no to demands from work at home.

We are living in different, faster times, but we still think with a traditional mindset of clear divisions between work and life. But these times are over, only that we haven't been able to adjust to it smoothly enough.

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