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Monday, December 26, 2005

Eat your phone

Now it really gets heavy. Christmas periods are often the reason for trouble, fights, disturbances, because people just cannot stand each other for longer periods. Okay, I generalise, but the stats are with me in this. And mobile phones are now being blamed to be the reason for fights.

Anyway, how angry can you be when you are eating someones mobile phone?

A Blue Springs, Missouri woman was the latest victim of cell phone rage. She swallowed her boyfriend's mobile in mid-argument because "she didn't want the boyfriend to have it.

I guess that they didn't fight very much longer, since she was admitted to the hospital with the phone still stuck in her throat. May be we can soon hear calls for bigger phones because nowadays, with all those small phones around, you never know.

Merry Christmas!

(By Asia Business Consulting)