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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Yahoo charging for e-mail?

"A plan from Yahoo and America Online to adopt an e-mail certification system that charges mass mailers a per-message fee is stirring concern in the market."

And of cause it is. To a generation of users who grew up in a market where e-mail and many other things on the web was free, for sure, this is causing a stir.

Even arguments for a fee, such as the increasing number of spam and phishing, doesn't hold, because this is something that they already promise to beat - why else would they use filters? A filter for those who don't pay and thus deserve to be spammed and a better filter for those paying customers that need to be protected? And the argument that only those mass mailers are affected doesn't work as well - what about small businesses that send mails to their customers? Or real, existing online newspapers?

It wouldn't work for me but then, there is always a GMail. And this is surely not something that Yahoo wants to have - seeing users disappear to the market leader. How desparate Yahoo must be?

(By Asia Business Consulting)