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Monday, February 13, 2006

Being faster than the cyber-agents in China

I had a couple of those stories already - once you publish on the web in China and the Chinese cyberpolice doesn't like your postings too much or not at all, you are on the run.

This is what the newest BusinessWeek talks all about. It tells the story of a man called Bill Xia, who plays cat and mouth with the secret agents, from morning to the evening. He is "exploiting openings in Beijing's formidable Internet firewall and trying to keep ahead of the cybercops who patrol the Web 24-7 and have an uncanny ability to plug holes as quickly as Xia finds them."

His task? "Helping Web surfers back home get the information their government would rather they not see. Chinese citizens hoping to read about the latest crackdown on, say, Falun Gong or the most recent peasant rebellion in the provinces can use technology provided by Xia's Dynamic Internet Technology Inc. to mask their travels to forbidden Web sites."

It is a tough job, so to say, especially since international companies such as Google or Yahoo increasingly help the Chinese government to in turn get the door open for their own business. With their help, the Chinese government intends to get enough control to plug all the loopholes.

(By Asia Business Consulting)