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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Global VoIP subscription - for those who like the numbers

Is it rapid growth, some growth or is there still the talk about huge growth potential?

Anyway, the drums are beating: "global market for consumer VoIP services has arrived, with total VoIP subscribers worldwide reaching 16 million in 2005 and projected to grow to over 55 million by 2009.

Despite an impressive 62 per cent year-on-year subscriber growth rate in 2005, though, relatively few consumers have ever heard of the term 'VoIP'.

Providers, then, must continue to educate the public for VoIP to reach its full market potential. Some 73 per cent of all VoIP subscribers worldwide have migrated to VoIP without making a conscious buying decision to adopt the new technology. In North America and Canada, cable operators are aggressively expanding their VoIP footprint, but are marketing VoIP as a traditional telephone service. In Asia, South Korea has the highest VoIP growth rate, followed by Hong Kong and Singapore."

I agree - let's give it a better name. While a great name is in no way related to branding, it surely makes things easier.

(By Asia Business Consulting)