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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pixar and Disney - married happily again

Walt Disney Studio has bought Steve Jobs Pixar. Disney, struggling over the last couple of years to produce really good movies, while Pixar was constantly on the roll.

They separated just a couple of months ago. Now, Disney makes the move for a good US$7.4 billion and the all-stock deal puts Steve Jobs into a powerful position as he becomes Disney’s largest shareholder.

This makes Steve the heir to Disney's new CEO Bob Iger and probably king soon - it gives him access to movies that, imagine that, might soon become available on the IPod, on the Macs, and, wait till the end of the year, on an Apple Phone, besides probably on an ITunes for movies. Steve Jobs, in his endless drive, is becoming the king of entertainment.

Just wait and see.

(By Asia Business Consulting)