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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Blogging at corporations

The article comes from the Poughkeepsiejournal, wherever that is - but it is a great, so unpronoucable and surely forgettable name.

However, they have a story about a guy working at IBM who started to blog 3 years back and soon realised that his boss started to read his blog - it surely happens, even at a Blue Chiup such as IBM.

The article points out, correctly, that big corporations, such as HP, IBM and Microsoft observe blogs wearily and carefully - partially joining the bandwagon as well. A web-consultant is quoted as saying that corporations "will be knocked over unprepared if the blogosphere starts talking about their brand, product or service and they're not listening to what's being said about them."

More corporations do so in the meantime but still not enough, at least not in Asia. A survey - methodology unknown, is quoted stating that the ranks of corporate bloggers are growing. A year ago, there were about 7,400, a number that doubled to 15,000 in June 2005.

What is important in a corporate blog is that it stays personal, gives it a personal touch and away from corporate press releases. It is also important that the corporate blogger has the freedom to react.

It must be emphasised that if the bloggersphere starts to talk about a company, the corporate blogger must be enabled, empowered, to respond directly. If he or she has to wait for the press department and the board of directors to get their act together, it is too late. If this is the case, if the blogger is so disempowered, it is most advisable for corporation to avoid blogging.

(By Asia Business Consulting)