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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Australia still lagging behind

Last year, Australia's speed of internet connection was comparable to Kazakhstan and already then did I doubt the future of the continent if nothing dramatic would happen. Nothing happens as a recent report by the Worldbank indicates.

"The figure was significantly down compared with Britain (13 mbps), France (8.4 mbps), Germany (6.85 mbps) Canada (6.8 mbps) and the United States (3.3 mbps), but was similar to Japan." Interesting, to see a similar speed in Japan.

In addition, its number of broadband connections are also low. "Although the government is claiming close to three million broadband subscriptions, the report said Australia had only 77 broadband connections for every 1,000 people.

This was lower than Canada (165), Japan (146), United States (129), France (109) and Britain (103), but close to Germany's 84 connections per 1000 people."

(By Asia Business Consulting)