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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

CIA on the Internet

Being connected to the Internet as an institution has always been risky in the sense that human errors cause leakages - thus reveal information to the public that should have been confidential. Sometimes this chance is exploited as potential cyber-terrorism to increase security spending.

It is also clear that private data is on the web, and this not only happens when big banks lose data. It happens when you blog, when you log in to Friendster or post your resume online.

Anyway - how would a CIA agent feel if their personal data are found online?

It is amazing but the Chicago Tribune actually discovered the identity of over 2,653 CIA employees online. Not all are working under cover. "More than 160 are intelligence analysts, an occupation that is not considered a covert position, and senior CIA executives are also included on the list."

Still, this leaves a huge number and probably a huge liability.

So it is not only you who is revealing information about yourself online, but also your employer. Because, think about that: If it is the CIA how save is your employer? So, forget about anonymity when the Internet rules.

(By Asia Business Consulting)