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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Instant gratification for the iPod - it's all in your genes

Now that is a new finding and a perfect explanation for the rising debt you carry on your credit card. Just say that you cannot help it - it is all in your genes.

"Scientists have found a genetic basis for the affliction. They say people with a specific form of a cellular enzyme, known as monoamine oxidase A, are more in need of stimulation from new things." (...) "Essentially, that means people with the genetic predisposition to replace an existing gadget with the updated version simply cannot help themselves."

So go ahead and go shopping. I wonder if the shock to see the credit card statement is also hardwired in the genes. I rather believe that shopping is a habit that increases with time. Shopping for clothes or shopping for gadgets. What do you think?

(By Asia Business Consulting)