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Monday, May 08, 2006

Sony to battle Microsoft

A battle of the giants. The software powerhouse against the electronics powerhouse. Both belonging to the best in the world.

It was clear that the convergence of industry sectors would throw them into the same ring, sooner or later. It happened with the XBox and Playstation.

Sony has hopefully learnt from the way how earlier companies went down to Microsoft with Netscape being the best example. Everybody laughed at Microsoft and its Internet Explorer initially, but they got better and better over time. Now, who still remembers Netscape? Basically the same happened when Microsoft first tried its hands on Windows CE. Everybody knew that their first version was pathetic - it took too long to load. Everybody had a Palm. Now look at the market today. Where is Palm today? Both companies are still fighting each other, but they are now more on even terms. Once again Microsoft had shifted the ground.

Sony, you better learn from their mistakes. And be better in your execution - better than ever before.

There are millions of users of your Playstation. In fact, Sony, has sold more than 103 million PlayStation 2s since their March 2000 debut.

"The company had 64 percent of the market for that generation of consoles. Microsoft garnered 16 percent and Nintendo Co. had 13 percent."

But this means that Microsoft is coming. "Microsoft in March more than doubled Xbox 360 shipments to retailers to help satisfy demand. The announcement came a week after Sony delayed the release of PlayStation 3. The increased production may have helped Microsoft win customers who decided not to wait for Sony's device. "

Sony, you better watch out!

(By Asia Business Consulting)